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I have two children ~ Adrian my son is 10, and my daughter Millena is 7.  God sent me Adrian to save my life, because if I didn't have a kid when I did lets just say I would not be where I am today, and in the same health.  LORD help me though, since my son is just like his daddy!  LOL not that it's bad, but, well, we're not together anymore.  God sent me Adrian to show me how I need to listen better, and how to be a better teacher.  God sent me Millena so that I would have to get over myself, fo real.  She ismy princess, just as any daughter is to her mother.  My princess has eczema though, really bad, and I am still learning to willfully, and HAPPILY take care of her skin (and others, especially those I don't know).  I am thankful God gave her to me though, for she is the giver of unconditional love in my life (human giver, that is).  We also share a strong bond of faith, knowing God heals us (body and soul) in His Perfect Time. 

God sent me a man to walk with me in this life, too.  His name is Rico, and I love him very much :-)  We've been together for over five years now, but for the first four of it I was insistent that marriage was just a piece of paper... but now I understand that marriage is not just a piece of paper.  It is more than that, and it is more than a ring and a party, too.  God sent me Rico to show me that marriage is my commitment to God, and one other person's commitment to God, that we will choose GOD first, and each other second, as we seek HIS plan for OUR lives.  The paper is to satisfy the law, and all the legal bla that goes with it.  But marriage is saying "God, we are at your feet.  Where will WE go?  What will WE do?"  For remember, I + HE = WE.  And when there are three of us, that cord will NOT be easily broken.  Another thing I've learned is that God wants us to make our current life more in line with God's will, not upheave it to be "in compliance". But I sure do pray it's God's will and plan for us to marry soon :-D

Looking back I'm amused because at first, we would seek God if we (Rico and I) couldn't fix a problem in our lives.  And we would say, We always Win!  But we were only halfway there ~ when we put our trust in HIM is when WE are in Him and WE WIN IN CHRIST!  There is just no other way about it!  ALL YOU NEED TO WIN IS JESUS!

Oh yeah!  I am a writer, as is probably apparent.  If you need a writer (inspirational/reflective type of stuff, help with a biography, theology, or technical writing, research / analysis, business planning, etc.) I am working for God now and just trusting He will send work my way.   He took my job away so I could go to school and be around more people, and so I could focus on sharing Jesus everywhere.. hence this site, I reckon :-).  I do have a degree in business though, and am currently working towards a BS in Marketing.  

Divine Walk

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