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Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you...” 8 And the LORD, He is the One who goes before you.  He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.”

What does it mean to be bold in faith?  Here are a few things that it means to me:

I know that God is at work within me. (Philippians 1:6, 1 Peter 5:10)

I am unashamed of the Gospel of Christ; it gives me the greatest joy so share God's message of LOVE with the world!

I do not care what the world thinks of me, for I am not of this world! (John 15:18-19)

Doubt has NO place here!

GOD'S WORD IS FINAL! (John 1:1-18)

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made. (NIV)

Endurance Training

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James 1:12 Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.

Have you ever felt like if life doesn't let up soon, you know you are just going to have a mental breakdown?  I mean, if you have to keep jumping over hurdle after hurdle, problem after problem, that you might just stumble and fall, and lose the race?  Yet somehow, you never seem to fall.  Somehow, God always comes through at exactly the right moment ~ right before everything falls apart.  God never said this race would be easy.  Jesus showed us this when He came to live the perfect life in this sinful world, and to face death on the cross for His beloved children. 

Jesus jumped over hurdle after hurdle, endured temptation after temptation, and overcame defeat after defeat ~ and His Father was right there with him, every time!  When Satan tempted Jesus, God was there.  Jesus only had to speak the Word, and tempation fled.  God is here for us in the same way today.  When temptation comes, when there is another hurdle to overcome, God is there.  He will not let us stumble and fall, as long as our eyes are fixed on Him, on seeking Him; as long as we are focused on the upward call of Heaven.  When we lose sight of Jesus, we will fall and sink.  However, God is ever-ready to stretch out His hand, and help us back onto the path.  Seek God in times of trial and temptation, and take rest in His promise: Jesus Christ.

You Don't Have Time??

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I used to think "I don't have enought time", to give more time to God, to Jesus, and to the Holy Spirit of God living in me by His grace.  I never had enough time, until I learned to take it.  Where can you find more time to be with the LORD?  How can you seek His face, when there is so much to be done?  God will show you.  He knows where there is time in your schedule, and if you are willing to put Him first, He will give you all the time in the world.

At first I listened to Christian music, instead of secular, and not just music by Christian artists ~ music that glorifies God and Jesus, music that has their name throughout, and that will awaken the holy spirit inside of you.  This kind of music will speak to you, comforting, convicting, encouraging and strengthening you.  I also began to read the Bible through, so I could learn everything God has done, everything He will do, and everything He calls me to do. 

God grew me, and called me to seek Him ever-more.  I am now hopelessly in love with, and addicted to, Jesus Christ, my Savior and LORD.  I am not content with a Sunday service, or even with a daily devotion time.  I want to be with Him always!  As a result, I can now take advantage of all the things I used to despise; of all the things that used to cause me worry or strife.  Here are some of the things I get to do, when I am singing praises to and / or communing with, Christ Jesus my LORD:

Wake up ~ thanking God for today, for His blessings, and asking blessings, guidance, and protection for today

Getting ready to go - showering and dressing, gathering homework, etc.

Preparing meals

Doing laundry


Really, any other household chore, indoor or out

Shopping ~ especially at the grocery store!

The extra five minutes before I have to be [fill in obligation], since I'm early!

While going to pick up a child who is sick, or (sigh) in trouble at school

Driving ~ especially in traffic!

While exercising, stretching, doing yoga, etc.

At the doctor's, or in the dental chair

Awaiting any other type of meeting, especially the ones you aren't "excited" about

While waiting for the gas attendent / DMV / DEQ / mechanic / etc. (I appreciate having a car!)

As you can see, there are SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES in the day for you to PRAISE LORD JESUS, instead of worry about the day, or fret about cost, or become frustrated at others, or become angry, or, or, or... wouldn't you love to glorify the LORD your God, every spare second you could?  I know, we have to draw the line somewhere, for we have families, jobs, activities - we have LIVES.  But in our quiet moments, to give them to God will always leave you infinitely blessed, for you will be living in the joy that is Jesus; in the peace of your promise of salvation, and at rest in His mercy and good grace.

You are in charge of your time, and what you do with it.  What are you choosing to put first, in the few moments you have alone, in your own head?  God?  Or other emotions or things that are actually sin?  I am not perfect, but in choosing to praise and seek God in these things, I am protected from the temptation and fall into these types of sins, as well as from plotting my own success ~ for I AM NOTHING WITHOUT CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you do not want to spend THAT much time with God, with Jesus who has saved your soul through His blood shed on the cross, perhaps you should ask yourself: what would you would rather spend this time with, if not with the LORD?


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Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.

Choose your words carefully.  Choose them with precision, heeding the direction and guidance of Your Father.  Stay in the Word.  A spoken word.  Speak the Word Over your life.  Speak the Word over strongolds.  Speak blessings.  Speak protection.  Speak love.  Speak fruitfully.  Speak in VICTORY.  SPEAK JESUS. 

Speak Truth.  Speak Praise.  Speak with God-given authority.  SPEAK UP.

God told me to use my words Sunday night, when I journaled the above.  Since then, He has shown me these scriptures (in devotional books, and randomly flipping open the Bible).  GOD IS INFINITELY AMAZING, THE LORD ALMIGHTY REIGNS SUPREME!  JEHOVAH SHALOM, YOU ARE MY PEACE! 

1 John 5:14 We are certain that God will hear our prayers when we ask for what pleases Him.  15 And if we know that God listens when we pray, we are sure that are prayers have ALREADY BEEN ANSWERED.

Daniel 10:12 Then he continued, “Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them.

Hosea 10:12 Plow your fields, scatter seeds of justice, and harvest faithfulness.  Worship Me, the LORD, and I will send my saving power down like rain.


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I can't get over it, and I am no loger ashamed.  God has saved me by His mercy time and time again, and my family.  So many times I have made poor decisions, or had troubles that could have cost the life of me or my family member, but God kept us all.  I am so thankful, and frankly, happy to be transparent for God.  A little of me says "What will they think, or say to you next time they see you?".  But that is just the fleshly side of me.  My spirit says, "They will only have love for you".  So here it is.

When I was 16 I used to go camping a lot, up around Estacada.  My friends and I would caravan, and race up and down the mountain, and gravel roads.  One time, I was driving about 55-60, and realized we almost overshot our turn.  Me being a silly 16-year-old with few years of driving under my belt, slammed the breaks and hit the corner in the gravel.  The car skidded until it landed head on into a tree.

I restarted the car, backed it up, and went on to our campsite.  MERCY.

I also had unprotected sex in my teenage years, as many of us unfortunately do.  However, I never caught a disease that will affect my future.  MERCY.

When my son was born, his platelet count was so low, he could have gotten a brain hemmorage coming through the birth canal for "my" natural birth.  But he was just fine, and they caught the problem and gave him platelet transfusions before we left the hospital, so he was and is fine.  MERCY.

Millena was baby number 2, and had a higher risk because of the history with Adrian, so I had to have weekly IVIG injections to keep my blood platelets from attacking hers.  I didn't see it as a big deal then, but I see it as a big deal now.  The doctors wanted a cord blood sample around 8 months, to see if she had enough platelets so that I could have "my" natural birth, again.  They couldn't get her cord blood.  I had to have a cesarian.  She needed a transfusion, too.  Yet she is here, and fine.  MERCY.

When I got divorced I plunged into many a drug (including nicotine and alcohol), and spent too many nights faded out of my mind, out of the house.  Sometimes I don't remember getting home.  Sometimes, not even leaving the spot.  I drove often, cause Boo was just as bad.  MERCY.

When Boo came home from that show, Jan 2007 in that real bad ice storm.  He hit a concrete barriar and totaled the minivan.  It wouldn't even drive, nor the sliding door close.  He walked away.  MERCY.

When my back got so bad, 14 months ago that I could no longer function.  Not work, not sit, not even drive.  Everything caused tears for literally a month.  My family did not know who I was.  I did not know who I was.  I couldn't think about anything, but pain, and that my life was over.  Because life in pain is not life at all.

I was led to the practitioner who would begin the physical healing.  I was led to information on health changes, and shown by trying a new lifestyle, in faith that I would get better. Today, I am excited about my future, about exercise, about nutrition, and most of all, about enjoying my health and time as my family grows.  MERCY.

God is the giver of all things.  Think about your life, about when YOU were in a bad place, but someone helped you out.  That someone was God, and He is calling to you!  Praise Him for the times He has saved you by His mercy and grace!  SHOUT IT OUT TO THE WORLD, that ALMIGHTY GOD IS MERCIFUL AND FAITHFUL!  JESUS SAVES!

Momming Is The Best!

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I'm so grateful for my children!  God teaches me so much, just having these little people in my life to watch my every move... to copy me... to make me think twice about what I do and say :P.  Most of all I am grateful for the opportunity to raise two small Christians.  I had the blessing of praying with both of my children, as they accepted Jesus into their hearts. 

Parents:  If you want your children to live and grow in faith in Christ Jesus, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that relationship begins!  I am so thankful for Faithful Savior Ministries, and the staff at the school, who loved and nurtured my children when I could not.  However, once God got me back on the right path - following Him - I knew I needed to "have the talk" with each of my kids.

Millena was easy.  We pray a lot, and she is just seven still, so when I said "Do you want to pray and ask Jesus to live in your heart to stay", she eagerly said yes.  Adrian was not so easy.

There is no secret, Adrian and I have had our issues in the past; I take the blame for most of it, being the parent.  However, I didn't know how to love him right, at first.  I loved him so much!  But not as God does.  I needed God to teach me how He loves, before Adrian would be ready to accept God, and to accept Jesus.

On Thursday when I picked Adrian up, he had had another mediocre day; not getting into super big trouble, but just little things like throwing things across the classroom into the garbage and not staying on task.  Overall, just exhibiting poor choices in behavior, and disrespect towards the teacher, which had been going on for a week straight.  When we got to the car, I asked him if he likes hurting people's feelings.  He said No.  I asked if he wants to continue to do all of the things that get him in trouble.  He said No.  I asked if he liked being in trouble, and having all of his privileges suspended.  He said No.

I asked him if he wanted to change.  He said Yes.  I asked him if he wanted to pray to God for forgiveness.  He said No.  He didn't want God's forgiveness, because he didn't want to forgive himself.  So I forgave him.  Then he asked for God's forgiveness.  Amen.

I asked him if anyone at Faithful had ever prayed with him to accept Jesus into his heart; if anyone at ALL had prayed with him to ask Jesus in his hart.  He said No.  I asked him if he was ready to ask Jesus into his heart to stay.... he said No.

So I told him "I love you, and I always will.  God loves you too, and He forgives you.  But if you want Him to help you change, you have to ask Him to live in your heart to stay.  And, you will have to tell God each thing (action) you are sorry for doing, and ask Him to help you with each one.  But God wants to help you.  So you tell me when you are ready to pray".

We drove home.  Yesterday, I asked Adrian if he was ready to pray.  HE SAID YES!  So we prayed.  This morning, my daughter came in and showed me even more, how powerfully God is working in our family.  My shoulder has rotator cuff problems, and it made me grimace when I reached to hug her.  She immediately prayed. 

Little 7-year-old Millena prayed thanks for her mom, prayed that God would heal her shoulder; prayed that we know God can make mom's shoulder feel better, and we ask these things In Jesus Name.  Amen.

I was overwhelmed.  In praying for her, in exercising my faith, in showing her how to overcome situations in her own life through faith and prayer, GOD is using me to raise HIS OWN PRAYER WARRIOR!  I am overwhelmed again just thinking about it. 

OK I guess what I'm saying is: You are the most important person in your child's life.  That means you have the most important job, because it is your job to guide your child towards God, and to be an example of how to live for, and serve Christ.  If our children don't learn it from us, who is it we expect them to learn from?

God has AMAZING blessings and adventures in store for you, and for your family.  But it is up to us to go after it ~ to go after HIM!  Start chasing Jesus.  Show your kids how excited you are about Him, about serving Him, about learning about Him.  Give your kids the opportunity to live the MOST fulfilling, MOST blessed life - LIFE IN CHRIST!

On My Brand New

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He Redeems me daily, from sin, from me... from what worries me.

As soon as I realize I've begun to worry, I can release it.

Christ bears my burdons.  He knows the outcome.

I'm coming Home.

While I'm here there is work to do ~ God is working in and through me. 

He doesn't want me to be sickly,

But I had to get sick, so He could heal me.

By His stripes I am healed, you see.

Today is not the end, it is only the beginning.

Beginning of a new future.

New Faith.

New Work.

New Purpose.

New Health.

New Testimony.


I am Brand New!



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I've been busy the last few days, but oh so good and blessed.  I finally finished that computer assignment that had me in a funk for a week.  After I told Satan it didn't matter even if I failed the course, I would happily take it again, then I got the instructor's responses.  I was able to fix the assignment and the next one (which I was sure would be late by default), and now have had a happy break from programming.  Although, on Thursday, after working hard to get the computer labs done, I woke up sick, sick, sick.  I slept all day, and Rico even stayed home, which was nice.  Thursday also happened to be the snow day, so I didn't have to deal with the kids, or miss class!  Thank you Jesus!  Friday was a little better.  We didn't do much this weekend, and Sunday night I started in on the ecosystem project, in earnest. 

This is a whole term project, mind you, and every time I had set aside time to work on it these last nine weeks, the time was eeked away by something else more pressing.  Homework time would be decimated by an untimely need, unexpected waits and interruptions, and I thought about stressing.  Instead, I asked God for His help.  I didn't even want to begin stressing, I am already ready for the term to be over... I didn't need to be clock watching on myself... so when I sat down to write, I asked for the strength to just move through completing the assignment.

Folks, I never wrote a 15 page paper that fast!  When I sat to write, the words were there.  When I had to research, I had the right terms (cause you know, using Google is hit or miss with research... usually miss, lol).  One page would lead to the next page, as if to say "Here I am.  I was waiting until today, because I knew that today would be the day you would use *that* search term."  I didn't have time to perfect it as I might like.  The bibliography was hastily created, only one graphic included, no time for a proof-read and I even forgot to include a section.  But it got done, and all I have to get is a 70% to keep an A in the course.

Oh, did I mention that between Sunday night and Tuesday at noon, when the paper was due, I also slept Sunday night, went to Millena's song presentation at school, completed another programming assignment, went to Stats class, and to an exclusive OMSI night (for Lewelling and Ardenwald Elementary schools) on Monday, and slept another 4 hours Tuesday night?!?!

God helped me focus.  He helped with the search terms.  He helped with my attitude.  He restored my body with little sleep.  He does everything I need, and more, because He loves me.  God is good.  In addition, I am preparing to register for classes this Friday, and have learned that I will only need to take four courses, not five as I was told.  This just keeps getting better and better! 

Thank You LORD Jesus, for being so good to me.  Thank You for loving me as I am.  Because of your love, I am able to love myself for who I am.  I am able to look past my own imperfections, because I can see how much you mean to me, too.  I look at what I have done with my life, and the only thing I ever made of it was a mess.  But when I ask You to help me with my life, you come in and do such wonderful, amazing things, I cannot deny that it is Your work and not mine.  Who but You, LORD, could take a situation that should have been a struggle, and turned it into a wonderful blessing, into a dream made reality?  None, but YOU, My God!  How could I worry about my future on earth, about future financial stability, when the King of Kings is guiding my way?  Faithful God, thank You for your mercy and grace, and for opening my eyes more and more each day.  It is my honor to bring you glory.  Without You I would be lost.  Thank you for saving me, and for loving me.  Thank you for your Spirit to guide my heart.  Please guide my path, keep me from evil, and use me.  Just, use me, LORD Jesus.  Amen.

God's Training Camp

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Luke 6:39 Then Jesus gave the following illustration: “Can one blind person lead another? Won’t they both fall into a ditch?  40 Students are not greater than their teacher.  But the student who is fully trained will become like the teacher.

This verse is so special to me, for I know God planned for me to read it at the perfect time. God lead me to read the Bible last year, and when I opened up my reading on the very last day, this verse was there!  What that said to me was that I needed to read the Bible, before I could ever explain it to someone; before I could be a good witness for Christ.  I needed to understand the Word, and to know how to live as I'm called, before I could be a disciple.  I needed to hear all that God had to say to me, so that I could truly learn to listen to Him.

Once I could listen (I used to be incredibly stubborn, now just sometimes ;) ), I could learn about what He wanted me to do!  God has a plan for us all! But first, we must learn to listen to Him, so we are moving towards His will (and not pushing a path of our own).  One of the best ways I have learned to listen to God is to be in His Word, for the Word is God. I love to worship, praise and spend time in prayer with the Father, but in the Word is instruction; the comfort of a written message, something you can see with your own eyes.  Before I learned to hear God's voice, I learned to feel Him speaking to me through the Word. 

There is definitely a feeling of the Holy Spirit, and I believe it's a bit different for everyone.  For me it's like I get chills, even when I shouldn't, but these chills accompanied by overwhelming feelings of "Oh my gosh, this is so true!", "I can't believe I never understood this before!", "Is this what God means?", and "I SOOO needed to hear this today".  These are the types of thoughts that rush through my being, when God speaks to me.  After some time, the same feeling would come while I was in prayer or worship.

Now I can feel God speaking to me often: every time I see someone hurting, in need.  Every time I see someone who is lost, who needs Jesus. I am not so sure He is saying "They are hurting", so much as I am seeing them through Jesus eyes, and so am feeling His Spirit within my soul.  I've asked to see the world through Jesus eyes, and to have a love like He loves.  There is a lot more hurt out there than we imagine, and God will show it to you.  He will also move you to love.

Yes, enrolling in God's training camp will open one's eyes.  Some say that living for Jesus is like living with blinders on – but they are wrong!  God will cut your blinders OFF, so that you can see everything more clearly!  You will understand why people act the way they act, why living for Christ is different than being religions, why no matter what is going on in the world, the only thing that will ever make a difference in everyone's life, is JESUS CHRIST!

Lace your boots. I think training camp has begun 8).



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I am a person of action – I like to see results – this is no secret.  However, for the longest time in my life, it seemed like the harder I tried by myself, the more I pushed, and the more I struggled to “accomplish”, the fewer results I would see.  Less forward motion, more problems, more hurt, regression, and eventually, defeat. I always came back to God, but I would always stray again.  I never understood why until today.

Through this last year I have been going through a lot of changes, as I have learned to release control of my life into God’s hands.  This has been a very long, hard journey; but now, I am blessed to know I came back for the last time.  I understand that God has the answer for everything, and is able to give me everything I need, and more.  He is my soul's answer for love, comfort, acceptance, encouragement, strength, spiritual nourishment… Jesus is my everything.


Now that I have found Him, really found out who God is to me, and what He has done in my life, I say with certainty that I will not go back; I do not need creature comforts to fulfill my needs.  I have experienced the joy, peace, love, and rest that is in Christ Jesus.  When the world turned is back on me, when I was drowning in despair, God was there.  He gave me hope.  He gave me a promise, that one day, no matter what I have to go through to get there, I will have a place with Him in Paradise!


Just writing this is overwhelming, as I remember the hardships I have faced, and realizing a place without pain or tears or sadness.  Realizing that one day, if it is today or many years from now, I will have a perfect, holy body, the way God created and intended for me.


Thank You, LORD, for everything!


He promises this to you, too!  There is so much hurt in this world, but you do not have to hurt anymore!  Instead, you can have joy, and you can BE a source of joy for someone who is hurting!  Wouldn’t you love to be overflowing with love?  Choose to seek God - to chase His presence – that He would be with you always, through every challenge and every victory; that He will be given the glory for all He has given you, for even lessons are blessings.


When I chose to seek God, to actively seek HIS change in my life, I began to see more results than I had ever seen!  I saw changes in myself, changes in my family, changes in the way I saw other people and the world, changes in how I should be… Now that I am outwardly living for Christ, I can see a lot more results :D and this is SO exciting and fulfilling!


As I try to seek God in all that I do, He keeps me from temptation, and gives me strength not to give in.  Now, I know, what I need is not in things that will pass away.  What I need is Light.  I need Jesus.  Since this factor will never change, I realize that He is the only input I will ever need.  Jesus in = Joy out.

What are you putting in? 


Out Of The Pit

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No one likes to talk about their struggles.  No one likes to admit to their failures.  However, once you can admit defeat, once there is nothing left to lose... once you are broken, God can help you out of the pit.  God can't help us out of our situations if WE don't want to be out of them.  If you are fed up with your situation, but you are unwilling to make changes - to let God take control - then you are not ready to leave the pit. 

Perhaps you have never even seen the pit, life has always been fairly stable, and you have never honestly needed for anything.  Perhaps you've been in the pit your whole life, and you know nothing but pain and misery... if you are willing to continue living there, then there is where you will live.  But when you are ready to give in, when you are ready to let God show you the way out - the way towards Him - then He is faithful to do just that. 

I dug myself into a pit.. quite a deep one, actually, a pit of depression.  This is a horrible place to be, a prisoner of your own mind.  Living off what others say you are, and believing the mistreatment is all that you deserve.  Depression kills.  But without my knowing, God gave me the strength to get out of the pit of depression.  At a point in my life when I no longer even desired to be a mother, death sounded better, I was given courage to make a change.

God led me out of the pit.  Oh, it hurt, so badly to leave my husband, my children, my house... my future.  I left it all, everything I thought I wanted, and went back home to my Dad ~ the only man in my life who ever showed me unconditional love.  He took me back, of course, and today I am thankful that God saw me fit to have such a wonderful father figure - one who showed me how a man is supposed to be the head of a home, a marraige and a family.  God knew I would need such a man in my life one day.

I thought I was doing well for myself, out of the pit of depression.  But I had fallen into another pit: addiction.  Addicted to anything and everything that would take me out of reality - for I was still living in misery.  I missed most of two years of my kids lives.  That hurts.  I singlehandedly caused my family to be homeless.  That hurt, too.  But God rescued us when I cried out to Him.  When I told Him I had nothing left.  He sent us a home, and a landlord who accepted us (no background or credit check, or app fee, just met us and let us move in).  To boot, our rent hasn't gone up in over 3 years.

Great, right?  I stayed in my own pits.  The addictions clung on until my health began to suffer.  Right before the long climb, I started listening to Christian music again.  It brought me to tears often.  I knew I needed God in my life.  I knew my family needed God in our lives, for we were all suffering. 

I gave in for the last time, when I realized I couldn't drive anymore.  I had mistreated my body, put in so much toxic waste, and dehydrated myself into having nerve compression in my back.  I cried, because I worried about how my kids would get to school.  I couldn't sit.  I had to go on medical leave from work.  I had to spend thousands to find out what was wrong, and trust that this treatment (something most insurance won't even cover) would heal me.

God saved me.  He led me to the clinic: Portland Injury and Rehab.  He made sure there was enough money, at the right time, and I got enough treatment.  I learned how to take care of my body.  I've been getting better, physically, mentally and most of all spiritually, since I began physical therapy at this time last year. I had to work from home for almost 3 months, which gave me plenty of time to get close to God again, and to begin learning His plan for my life.

Those in my life can attest, who I am today is nothing like who I was last year.  God has changed me, healed me, and shown me more joy than I could even imagine.  The best part is that life will only get better!  I know there will be trials, but there will be no more pits... not as long as I keep God on my mind and in my heart.  That's why He is my Life Giver.  Without God, I would be dead.  But with God, I have so much to be thankful for!  And eternal life to look forward to! 



I can't help but to shout, and praise God.  Satan tries to keep me down, but in Christ is my victory, so I will gladly praise JESUS for the rest of my days!!!!!!!!!!  HEAVENBOUND!

Don't Care No Mo!

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I no longer care what people think of me.  I'm a student.  I study.  People, things, places, current events, politics... but there's only one thing worth really sharing, and that's the truth.  I don't believe all the hype, but I can see the lies more clearly.  My blinders have been cut off.  I no longer see through a screen.  Black and white, no grey area.  Shady is shady, and the love of money over God is a lie.  Getting people to worship MONEY.

Think about it.  Worshiping money.  How many celeb's you know, that don't at least put on the air of worshipping money?  Be honest.  Money is everything in America.  If you're broke, you ain't ish, right?  Not for me.  I'm so glad I'm no longer caught up in that lie.  Cause that lie killed me, for a long, long time.  But I found out, that no matter how much money I got, it couldn't make me happy.  Money can't fix a broken marraige.  You can't buy your way out of depression. Only God can fix your broken life.

You can't buy your way into Heaven, either.  If money is your god, if you idolize money-worshippers, then YES, you have been blinded!  You're drinkin the kool-aid right now.  Again, I don't care what you think. 

Money is good for taking care of your needs, yes.  It's also good for stirring greed, lust, selfishness, self-adoration, idolization, boasting, jealousy, hatred, lying, laziness... need I go on? 

How dedicated are you to money?  Are your money blinders on?  Can you hear the lie?  Or do you believe the hype?

God over money.


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I'm tired of being misrepresented.. misunderstood as a Christian.  I won't lie, I used to be a part of it... before I was convicted... then I turned to Him, and now He works on me every day.  That doesn't make it any easier, though, to be though of as:






Man, there's athiests (a lot of them) who know more about the Bible, and about God, than some of my Bretheren!  I'm not trying to be critical, but OPEN YOUR EYES, because if I see that one is not serving God, they will too!!  And what do they do??  They talk about us!  Not that I care what they say, but their words slice through the hearts of someone unknowing, or not-yet-strong in their faith...

We must be better than that!  We are to share God's message with the world!  Here's how He go:

Jesus died, and rose from the grave, so whoever believes in Him will have eternal life.  I.E. go to Heaven.  No strings attached, just ask Jesus into your heart to stay, and believe in Him.  That's the Salvation.

Now, if you forget about Him, and get caught up in a mess of sinful living (which doesn't necessarily mean breaking laws; pride, selfishness, lust, greed, vindictiveness, etc are sin!), and you haven't been in prayer, or in the Word, or praising, or seeking His path of righteous living, or having anything to do with Jesus AT ALL for a time (could be short, could be long..) and He comes back.... well, He won't know you then. 

The key to keeping your Salvation is also in Christ; seeking Him, and His way for your life.  Salvation is not found in church (although you could be saved there), or in saying you are a Christian, or in your family's faith.... you are responsible for your relationship with the Father.

So, assuming you choose to follow Christ, you will get to Heaven one day.  That's the day we all get to account for all our "wrongdoings" (ie sin-chasing) here on Earth.  I don't know about you, but I don't want a huge laundry list to go over with God!  Mine's plenty big already! 

That's our motivation to do right.. our motivation to turn from sin, and seek God's face.  I don't try not to sin because I want to be perfect ~ I couldn't!  I try not to sin, because 1) it doesn't bring my Father glory; 2) I owe Him more than selfishness.  He gave His life for me, so I give mine to Him.  I can't die on a cross, but I died to myself.  In all I do, if God is not at the end of the path, it is not the right path.  When I look that way, and see only myself, or what I can gain, or how I will be pleased.... it is not His way. 

God's way brings me closer to Him, and closer to Love.

I seek to live for Christ, for this glorifies the Father.  This is our motivation to seek out opportunities to do good... to serve others joyfully.  I believe God smiles when we bear fruit.  I smile when my kids make me proud... when they honor me... so why wouldn't God smile when we honor Him through our lives?  I want to hear "Well done, good and faithful servant." 

And believe it or not, in all of my ramblings, it is only because I want you to be there, too.  I can't stop saying it: Jesus Saves!

Put Off: Irritation of others

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Put Off (#17) Irritation of others: Galatians 5:26 Let us not become conceited, provoking and envying each other. (NIV)


Conceit.  Thinking highly of myself.  Provoking.  Angering someone, whether intentional or not.  Envy.  The green-eyed monster.  Lusting after another’s possessions, material or not. 

Do not want what they have, nor anger them.  Who?  Anyone and everyone.


My LORD was betrayed because of envy. 


Put On Preferring in Love: Philippians 2:3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.  Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, 4 not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. (NIV)


Philippians 2 is about imitating Christ’s humility - without grumbling!  That includes loving one another, even our enemies.  Verse 3 is murderous, a real flesh killer.  Do nothing.  Do nothing of what?  Selfish ambition.  Vain conceit.  Meditate on each part:


Do nothing out of selfishness.


Abolish vanity.  Conceit.


Don’t think about what "I can do".  I can’t DO anything!  I can function.  I know how to set an alarm, to get ready to leave my house, to feed myself and my family... However, these are considered survival skills.  I need these skills to survive, just as wild animals have intuition on how to scavenge, and how to evade the enemy.


Do nothing out of selfishness.  Do nothing for my own gain.  That really is a tough pill to swallow.  How do I go about my day, seeking to do nothing out of selfishness?  How does that affect when I get out of bed?  What my first activities are?  What I do throughout the day?  Who I talk to?  How I live?


All of my life I’ve been learning how to take care of myself.  I learned how to survive a family, education, jobs, relationships, business.  All of these things I have "learned", but no one ever taught me how to be selfless.


There is only one selfless person in my life, that is my LORD Jesus Christ.  He humbled Himself to take my sins, my selfishness, my vanity, and my conceit.  He took my envy, and replaced it with His love.  I can’t believe You did this for me!! :(


Woo!  Deep breath.  As the rest of the verse says: be humble, and value others more than myself.  I’m still grappling with "nothing selfish".  However, being a parent has given me a tiny taste of selflessness.  I cannot imagine coming to earth to die.  Jesus how did you do it?  I am so weak!  I hardly take joy in making dinner...


Finally, verse 4: not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.  Selflessness is hard, but so is valuing others more than myself.  Look out for their interests before mine.  This is humility.  This is what You did for me, LORD. 


Oh Jesus please help me handle this one, because I can’t!  Thank You for taking this from me, for I am an epic FAIL at humility.  I can’t wait to be in heaven, with You, and not thinking about this life in flesh.  God, give me compassion, I kill my pride... I loathe it, smh... now I see how ugly it is... Thank You...


A Heavenly Place

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Knees down, hands up.

No words required.

Revel in your Father's Grace.

See Him, as you seek His face.

Weeping, laughing, immeasurable joy,

Coming from deep within.

Filling my spirit, a tune to my song.

A prayer, a praise to the Lover of the lost.

My Jesus, My Shepherd.

Healer, Redeemer, Peace Giver.

Fill me today.

Keep me tomorrow.

Take me to a Heavenly Place.


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Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

The LORD our God is faithful in every word He gives us.  He even sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to come into the world as the Living Word; to share the gift of eternal life to all who believe in Him, and to all who are faithful to Him. God will not abandon His children, or leave them “out to dry”.

When it seems like the world is pulling you down, just look to the skies.  God is watching over you, lovingly guiding you through this trial, so one day soon you will be stronger.  One day soon you will be ready to take the next step, to take a leap of faith, and to fulfill God's plan in your life.  Never doubt that God's plan is Perfect, and His timing is Divine.  We are not to understand why we must persevere through this struggle.  We are not to worry about our future, for we are in His hands!

We ARE to focus on God, on seeking His will, and on fulfilling our calling as Christ's ambassadors. When we are ready to truly seek to honor Christ in every action, in every situation, God will bless our efforts.  When we acknowledge that we are nothing without Him, He helps us overcome obstacles; He helps us move our mountains. When we decide to fully trust in or Father's Divine Plan, He will carry us, and we will be soaring, “on wings like eagles” (Isaiah 41:31).

Got Tha Hook Up!

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Who got tha hook up?  DOLLAR TREE!  Haha you think I'm playin... but seriously, I had to get my "buck" on the other day, and I saw Bibles on the shelf.  I didn't think much of it at the time.  They were King James Version (KJV), but I've been thinking about getting one.  KJV is supposed to be the closest literal translation of the Bible, so I wanted to get it to read along with my Student Bible ~ gain better understanding of God's message.

So today, just now, I was thinking that I should just keep my Bible on me, in case I am in another situation to share Jesus.  Then I thought, I could just get a few KJV's from good ole' Dollar Tree, so I could give them away (assuming I get the opportunity to share).  Then I was like "Salvation for a BUCK!  Dollar Tree got tha hook up!"  LOL.  Something to make you chuckle, for sure, but nothing to laugh about.

Who could resist an offer like that?  One dollar (and some faith) can make the opportunity of a lifetime: ETERNITY WITH JESUS! <3

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Such patience...

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Oh LORD thank You for giving me children so I can appreciate the agony I've put you through!  I don't know what it is, maybe since I'm a girl and he's a boy, but I NEVER remember giving my parents the same attitudes (at 10 years old) as my son gives me!  I thought I was a good older sister too, because I tolerated my brother alright.  Don't get me wrong, I totally remember the things I DID do to my poor parents, LOL, but it wasn't like what he be doin'!

How do you correct someone for being wrong, when they don't even know (or acknowledge, accept, whatever...) THEY WRONG!?!  My son picks on his sister relentlessly.  I happen to be home right now cause of the car issue, otherwise this would not have been witnessed.  He snatched something straight from her hand, not once but twice within a 10 minute period.  She was whiney, I was HOT! 

I was like, "Adrian, YOU are the one causing the problems!!  No, she's not just crying for nothing, YOU antagonized her!"  I can see how he has the same problems in school - he gets these problem solver sheets, and is on a behavior plan at school.  But with the solver sheets, the teacher will address the issue with him and he will write down things like "I don't know why this was a problem, but I guess next time I won't do it".  This frustrates me to no end, because how do I say "It's all your fault" in a way that gets the point across?  We talk about making better choices, positive actions, etc., but in the end, I feel like I have epically failed to instill in this child right from wrong!

I still love him though.   And now, thanks to God, I don't want to yell, either.  I just ask for patience, to deal with myself, and to continue to support and help my beloved child.  I can relate to how God must feel, when we keep making the same mistakes over, and over, and over... How can He make us see when we refuse to look past our own nose?  How does He get our attention, so we turn to seek the Light?

He doesn't.  Not usually anyway.  That's usually what folks call miraculous - one person who survives a plane crash, or that gets found after weeks stranded on a mountain.  Yes, God works in those ways, but more often we shut God out.  Then, it is Satan's doings that catch our attention ~ when our lives start to fall apart.  When this happens, we cry out to God, oh How?  Why did this happen?

I can almost hear Him now:  "It's because of YOU!  You chose to follow your worldly ways, instead of choosing My path.  But now that you are ready to listen..."  God is waiting, ever-so patiently, for you to come to Him.  You don't have to wait any more.  He will take you just the way you are, and He will not let anything harm you.  That does not mean you will be worry and care free, but it DOES mean that He will help you overcome any obstacle that comes in your way.  He is strong in our weakness.  We learn through our trials.  Our trials increase our endurance, and our strength, giving us a reason to push on towards the upward call of Heaven, Praising Jesus Name all the way Home!

Who Dat?

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Psalm 18:28 You, LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.  29 With Your help I can advance against a troop [or can run through a barricade]; with my God I can scale a wall.  30 As for God, His way is perfect: The LORD’s Word is flawless; He shields all who take refuge in Him. 31 For who is God besides the LORD?  And who is the Rock except our God?  32 It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.  33 He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; He causes me to stand on the heights.  34 He trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend a bow of bronze.

Sometimes the Word takes over.  Right before I set out for class, Psalm 18 came to my mind.  I had to send it out to the universe (FB), the urgency was so strong I was trembling!  Like that, I was off to school.  Then my car didn't start.  Two times, three.. I don't want to keep trying and kill the battery... so back in the house. 

I was bummed.  I wasn't excited about the quiz, or about lecture, but I WAS excited to talk to Jim!  I met him last week at school, and we talked about Jesus.  I was flyin!  You see, I specifically DO NOT like talking about serious stuff with folks, so witnessing has always been daunting to me.  But I believe God set the place and the time for Jim and I to meet.  We had planned to meet before class today to study too.

I came inside and started to read Psalm 18 out loud.  Then I came here to start this post.  Then Jim called :).  We had a nice chat.  And now here I am sharing with you.  Who knows why my car isn't working?  Who knows why Psalm 18 needs to be shared?  God knows.  I believe, that is why I am here, sharing with everyone and no one at all. 

God wrote the Bible to you.  Jesus Christ is the Word become flesh, and He lives in Glory with God in Heaven.  He is the reason to live.

I am writing for You, Father.  Please, LORD, keep my lamp burning.  Turn my darnkess into light.  With Your help, I will advance.  Your way is perfect, and Your word flawless; You are my shield and my refuge.  There is no one greater than You, God; You are my ROCK.  You keep me secure, and You train me to fulfill Your plan in my life.  I submit to You, LORD, for THERE IS NO ONE GREATER!


I'm not here to make friends...

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I have to say, Biology class is a real struggle for me.  I love learning about how things grow and evolve (yes, evolve, because evolution is what we are doing... when we have babies mostly, but we are fulfilling evolution when we adapt ourselves to our surroundings to make sure we can survive).  Anyhow, evolution is even great, but hearing about how the earth is millions upon billions of years old is a bit much for me.

I mean, who is to REALLY say how accurate carbon dating is?  No one is that old!!!  Well, no human, that is.  Anyway, we were comparing graphs and looking at carbon in ice samples from today (within the last century), and 50,000 years ago, 100k, 150k ... 450k years.  Amazingly, the carbon content in many thousands of ice chips dug from the center of the earth (or wherever they get ice chips that are half a million years old) hovered around the same level, growing and declining in a cyclical manner, from 450,000 to present day, when it suddenly went up - and keeps going up!

So... I have to say it:  If the earth is millions of years old, WHERE IS THE DOCUMENTATION???????  I implore you, please find somewhere - in a book or on the internet or anywhere, I don't care - but SHOW ME the documentation of human life on planet earth from like 10,000 BC to 1 million BC. Show me where people actually wrote stuff down, how they documented it, pictures on cave walls it doesn't matter.  I want something other than a formula to measure carbon out of ice chips, because to ME that is supposed to be scientific and proof of the earth's age, but THAT to me is not proof.  It is no more proof than saying God is real "because I say so (hypothesis)... I studied Him a lot, and a lot, and a lot (testing), and now I know He is real, because I think He is and I can't find anything saying He's not (refute hypothesis)". 

Admit it, it DOES sound ridiculous, doesn't it?  But you say I just have to believe.. I have to trust in the science... in the ice chips.  I don't trust in old ice.

So I wait.  How do I know the carbon density isn't just different in different parts of the earth (yes, I realize samples were taken from many parts of the earth)?  Would that mean parts of the earth are older than others?  Who was around in 2000BC to say that what carbon levels in ice chips ACTUALLY were?  Oh yes, that's right, this is new school.  This info is less than 100 years old!  So back I am to waiting for old proof of people...

Are you tired of waiting?  Then it's time to start LIVING!  Accept Jesus today (or rededicate yourself to Him)!  No matter what happens in the scientific world, in technology, in finance, in international matters, GOD is ready.  He is available and just waiting to scoop you up into His loving arms to let you know it will all be OK.  After all, the whole reason Jesus was sent to die for our sins was so we might one day live in Heaven with Him!

Jesus, I love You.  I know I need You in my life.  I know I am a sinner, and I am unworthy of your grace; but still You came to die for me, to wash away my sins!  Please cleanse me today, come into my heart to stay, and show me the way to live for you.  I cannot go one more day without You!  I accept You as my personal LORD and Savior, and commit myself to serving only You.  Thank You Jesus, and Thank You Father, for loving me.  You are enough!  In Jesus Name, Amen.

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