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You Don't Have Time??

Posted by Mimi on April 7, 2011 at 10:24 PM

I used to think "I don't have enought time", to give more time to God, to Jesus, and to the Holy Spirit of God living in me by His grace.  I never had enough time, until I learned to take it.  Where can you find more time to be with the LORD?  How can you seek His face, when there is so much to be done?  God will show you.  He knows where there is time in your schedule, and if you are willing to put Him first, He will give you all the time in the world.

At first I listened to Christian music, instead of secular, and not just music by Christian artists ~ music that glorifies God and Jesus, music that has their name throughout, and that will awaken the holy spirit inside of you.  This kind of music will speak to you, comforting, convicting, encouraging and strengthening you.  I also began to read the Bible through, so I could learn everything God has done, everything He will do, and everything He calls me to do. 

God grew me, and called me to seek Him ever-more.  I am now hopelessly in love with, and addicted to, Jesus Christ, my Savior and LORD.  I am not content with a Sunday service, or even with a daily devotion time.  I want to be with Him always!  As a result, I can now take advantage of all the things I used to despise; of all the things that used to cause me worry or strife.  Here are some of the things I get to do, when I am singing praises to and / or communing with, Christ Jesus my LORD:

Wake up ~ thanking God for today, for His blessings, and asking blessings, guidance, and protection for today

Getting ready to go - showering and dressing, gathering homework, etc.

Preparing meals

Doing laundry


Really, any other household chore, indoor or out

Shopping ~ especially at the grocery store!

The extra five minutes before I have to be [fill in obligation], since I'm early!

While going to pick up a child who is sick, or (sigh) in trouble at school

Driving ~ especially in traffic!

While exercising, stretching, doing yoga, etc.

At the doctor's, or in the dental chair

Awaiting any other type of meeting, especially the ones you aren't "excited" about

While waiting for the gas attendent / DMV / DEQ / mechanic / etc. (I appreciate having a car!)

As you can see, there are SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES in the day for you to PRAISE LORD JESUS, instead of worry about the day, or fret about cost, or become frustrated at others, or become angry, or, or, or... wouldn't you love to glorify the LORD your God, every spare second you could?  I know, we have to draw the line somewhere, for we have families, jobs, activities - we have LIVES.  But in our quiet moments, to give them to God will always leave you infinitely blessed, for you will be living in the joy that is Jesus; in the peace of your promise of salvation, and at rest in His mercy and good grace.

You are in charge of your time, and what you do with it.  What are you choosing to put first, in the few moments you have alone, in your own head?  God?  Or other emotions or things that are actually sin?  I am not perfect, but in choosing to praise and seek God in these things, I am protected from the temptation and fall into these types of sins, as well as from plotting my own success ~ for I AM NOTHING WITHOUT CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you do not want to spend THAT much time with God, with Jesus who has saved your soul through His blood shed on the cross, perhaps you should ask yourself: what would you would rather spend this time with, if not with the LORD?

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